What I inspires of.

I see myself as an very intensive person with lot of things in life that inspires my paintings. I see inspiration as the real engine to the context to the art and the crafting I do. Nature itself gives me vast amount of inspirations and reflections to the art I do. The rather new interest in my allotment project gives me the earthiness on my feet and mind to develop an interesting field of knowledge and skills in different areas such as gardening, building, carpentry, sculpturing and decoration, shaping to a holistic result of my projects. My interest in painting images of myths and dream state like pictures is based of my believes and experiences in fields such as humanism, mythology, religion and philosophy. I see it as another octave of the psyche in man. I see my self as mystic orientated person trying to have communication with that dimension in my self and the world around me. In the still life I try to express fantastic of the gold shimmering light over the ordinary and the small world, of little wonders that usually come across us everyday, or the extraordinary of common objects. In the computer environment I experience the endless possibilities in constructing images in a modern fashion.