Living art

What is living art for someting. Or is it something artist be on the point on daily base? A difficult question indeed. Living art is to transform the ordinary life to a more creativ and inspire existence whenever you are an artist or not. But art assume that you are some like of living artist inside you self. Becuse the impulses must to be brothed from somewere to come in realistaion later on in a creative process.
You have to be more dynamic in youre vison of life in general I think to find that impulses or develop them to come in contakt to your own creativity. To establish a life that you come in toutch Iam bit of a living artist myself and that is my vison of life in general. I have allways been looking inside myself to find out more about my self and ohters to be abel to express them on a pice of canvas for exampel. I have fetched alot of inspiration from nature, in my surrendings, peopel, inner visons, dreams and situation of my life. I have allways been attracted to strong colors and strong flawors of diffrent sort. As vell as the contemplativ modes who i find to be enrichment in the work i do.