Karl-Gustav Wilhelmsson Art, Craft & Design

About me

My name is Karl-Gustav Wilhelmsson and was born in Stockholm 1963. I have been fond of painting and drawing since early childhood and turned it into my big passion as I grew adult. My dream was to become an artist and creator and to express my vison in classical manner, because it helps me access to my imagination. I generally use oil and watercolor as medium in my art as painter. In my curiosity to go beyond the frame of the traditional artist, I use other techniques and skills as well . Many artist today go in new areas of medium and skills to find new ways to express themselves. In my case, I have developed skills in woodwork and computer graphic design and gardening.
I have always been passionated in my creativity as an artist. Throughout my life I have tried to transform the impulses that come from my consciousness to express them in my art. I try to work and reshape the idea or thought that come in as an expression, that will finally be incorporated in a piece of art. To develop and master that process is to understand how to bring in something in abstract form and transform it to art. And this gives me true joy and bliss to my work.

Exhibitions :

  • Gallery Origo, Stockholm -91
  • Gallery Joker, Norrtälje -91
  • Gallery Thorsson, Stockhom -91
  • Gallery Micro, Stockholm -97
  • Södertälje art exebit hall -98
  • Gallery Domino, Gothenburg -99
  • My art have been presented in several exhibitions in big and small company round Sweden. I am represented with my art at several companies, hospitals and institutions. I also have been involved in decoration projects of shops, restaurants and similar venues