Karl-Gustav Wilhelmsson Art, Craft & Design


To me it seems strange, that art and craft should not be able to come together in harmony. Form, functionality, feeling together with esthetics value create a dynamic subject of art. The question is what can be viewed as art in general. The judgement in most cases lies in the eye of beholder. If you view the inner value of thoughts as metamosfor to the form that it originated from. Then, suddenly the concept of art fits in very well. Just the basic feeling of what material the craftsman work with, and its origin from nature gives an extra dimension to my work. It shows many times that the origin is an important link between the material and art. To work with the uniqueness of each item. To come in touch with the insight of nature in art, and to work as an artist to make it manifest, to give it an identity beyond the soulless of the material aspect.