Karl-Gustav Wilhelmsson Art, Craft & Design

Digital design

With help of my skills and knowledges in graphic design, I use the computer as a tool in art and design. In this era of digital technology, it is stunning what tools are available for art and design. I am involved in a project to create a patch for a flight simulator, to model up Gothenburg in 3D for virtual flights over the city. I create interesting visual experiences using the computer as a tool; picture and photography, film, animation, drawings, paintings and collage in movement. You can mix it and combine with text and sound in endless variation for your own creative mind. I see the modern technology as a creative laboratory to experiment with visual an audio media to test the limits of the mediums. In some way it challenges the traditional art medias more permanent, physical kind of being. But the digital media can only enrich the world of art, not limit it.